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Eliminate Your Fear and Develop Public Speaking Skills - Now
June 4, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Cadence PR
<strong>Eliminate Your Fear and Develop Public Speaking Skills - Now</strong>

Are you an expert with compelling content, enthusiasm and great public speaking skills? Lucky you! On the other hand, if you have lots to say and more enthusiasm than experience, you can improve your skills. Here are a few places to start.

Develop Your Speaking and Leadership Skills

Toastmasters is an international organisation designed to teach leadership and public speaking in a supportive environment. It is reasonably priced and groups are ubiquitous. In our group, we had a woman who joined to learn how to give a speech to the bride, her daughter, without humiliating herself. Once she’d completed that challenge with great success, she decided to stay and take on more challenges, one step at a time. Besides, it became fun.

The new program, Pathways, is designed to help you find the set of exercises that will help you reach your particular goals. In addition to prepared speeches and off-the-cuff 2-minute speeches, depending on your goals, you may be presented with exercises that help you with presentation software, storytelling, persuasive arguments, interview preparation, networking, and other aspects of business and working in your community.

Everyone learns how to be a more engaging speaker using vocal variety, gestures, 

Find a group near you by registering your location into the Toastmaster site.  

Tune Up Your Speaking Skills

Do you just need a little inspiration and reminders on a few techniques? Check out Mark Kolke’s one-minute tips. Mark Kolke is an award-winning speaker, a long-standing Toastmaster and a highly-disciplined writer. Here are 90 tips to brush up on your public speaking.

Develop a Business With Your Speaking Skills

If you are an accomplished speaker who wants to develop your career, consider an organisation like The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) . Some of the local chapters have FastTrack programs to get you in business quickly.


Public speaking can be a powerful component in your PR plan. You can also adapt the skill for FB live broadcasts, FB video ads, webinars, live broadcast interviews, YouTube videos and other online promotions.


Everyone can improve their public speaking skills and learn how to manage their fear. Some of the best examples can be found in TED Talks. You might even become the next TED Talks sensation.


Throughout history, great speakers have touched the lives of millions of people. Today, in schools throughout North America, motivational speakers inspire students to stay in school, say no to drugs, become leaders, and prepare for life after graduation.

Adults are inspired by motivational speakers to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. Among other things, motivational speakers help people to succeed in business, improve their relationships, develop a positive attitude, become healthy, achieve financial prosperity, and have more fun in life.

As a motivational speaker you too can enjoy fun, freedom, and financial prosperity while helping others. There are few jobs that offer so many benefits. Read this FabJob title to find out how it's done.

10 Outstanding Reasons to Write a Press Release
June 5, 2019 at 9:00 PM
by lyn cadence

Getting into the news can provide a big boost to your business. And no, you do not have to be a publicly traded company who has just acquired another new business to be newsworthy. Neither do you need to pay to put your release on a newswire. Those can be useful tactics, but they are not the only possibilities. More on newswires later. 

Here are ten outstanding reasons why you might write a press release.

1. Announce Your Company News

If your company has just reached a milestone, you are about to launch a new product, you are about to receive an award, or perhaps a new CEO being appointed, then it's the perfect moment to write a press release to inform the media and reach a wide public.

2. Promote Your Accomplishments

Let the world know about your successes! Maybe you have hit an extraordinary sales number or you have a great customer success story. On occasions like these, distributing a press release across a variety of platforms will be much more effective than simply writing an article on your website. An anniversary is an especially great opportunity to write a press release citing the past year’s achievements.

3. Crisis Communication

Sometimes you make a mistake, and sometimes you are wrongly accused of making a mistake. In either case, it’s essential to take action before your image suffers further damage. Your best bet is to write a press release explaining the situation, why it happened, and what your company is doing about it. And to be sure to respond everywhere the criticism pops up.

Be transparent, clear up misunderstandings, empathize and apologize when appropriate. By doing this immediately, you will regain the trust of the public more quickly. Never let online media take control of the narrative.

4. Become a Leader

Becoming the leader in any industry is difficult, but getting your name published in various media outlets will help. To be seen as a leader, you have to be at the forefront of discussions surrounding your company and your industry, so write press releases that respond to issues in the news or recent events. Having the attention of journalists and digital outlets will bring more exposure and credibility to your business. Develop a few pen pal relationships with select media.

5. Share Insights into Your Industry

Today, entire industries are constantly changing at a fevered pace, making for a competitive marketplace in which companies need to evolve and adapt to keep up. Are changes in the regulatory environment helping or impeding your business? Have you found a way to thrive in the context of new regulations? A press release is a great medium for explaining how your business is accommodating to changes.

6. Results of Research

Is your company about to release the results of your original research? Perhaps you plan to publish a whitepaper. Let the media know. It could even be cause to create a newsworthy event.

7. Promote a Lecture Series

Are you presenting a lecture or promoting a lecture series? Call the press! Get on your local event listings. A press release is one simple yet effective method that can help make your event a success.

8. Announce your Alignment with a Charity

Aligning your business with a charity is a great opportunity for writing a press release to announce the partnership or sponsorship and then to report on your accomplishments. It can enhance your public image. But it must be done with genuine care, concern and support for the charity. Insincerity will hurt your public image. Writing an intelligent, heartfelt press release for these collaboration makes for fantastic PR.

9. Promote a Special Event

If you aren’t investing in event marketing, you may be missing out. Special events include holidays, sports events, conventions, concerts, festivals, networking receptions, etc. Just make sure you choose events to fit your brand image. Hosting or taking part in a special event lets you reach a wider audience and raise more brand awareness. So issue a press release along with other marketing tactics – like email marketing, social media, paid ads, etc. – and reap the benefits of publicity!

10. Search Engine Optimization

Being featured on the news can help your SEO, making you rank higher on search results and reach new customers. Traditional media outlets usually have fantastic social media followings. But even if your press release isn’t picked up, posting newsworthy press releases frequently is a great strategy to improve the rankings of your website.

If you want to have an important message to express, a press release might just be what you need. Not sure how to go about it? Call us today at 403.465.2345 or send an email to and together we will bring your company into the spotlight!